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The world's most advanced -- Elite MPX™ aesthetic workstation is
the newest generation of medical grade laser that delivers
personalized laser hair removal treatments for all skin types more
quickly and effectively than ever before.
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EpiCare Alexandite and Nd-Yag laser Systems are one
of the most advanced laser hair removal systems available
today. They provide the very best performance, speed,
effectiveness and safety.
The Pristine™ DiamondTip™ introduces an aesthetic experience not found in conventional, crystal-based treatments. The Pristine™ microdermabrasion system is
based on two sole functions: exfoliation and vacuum. Incorporating genuine, laser-cut diamonds into its treatment heads, Pristine™ is powered by the most reliable
motor on the market to create the optimal microdermabrasion treatment.

Industry-leading experience and expertise are applied in the production of quality diamond tips which gently exfoliate the skin without cutting or scratching. The use
of genuine diamond tips ensures 100% treatment accuracy time and again.